In the recent months, we’ve been getting more and more leaks for the #SonicMovie and the internet hasn’t hesitated for a moment to share their thoughts on what they think about it. Heck, even the original creator has voiced his distaste for the design. That’s how you know you’ve messed up. However, what if this all going according to Paramount plan?

This sort of tactics isn’t unheard of before. Some companies would purposely leak out their own stuff in order to generate buzz around their product. In Paramount’s case, this works extremely well in their favor, considering that Sonic is one of the most beloved video game characters and has one of the most vocal & loyal community out there. Not to mention that Sonic the Hedgehog has unfortunately become the punching bag for anyone looking to get a few views and clicks on their sites. So, I believe that Paramount might be taking advantage of the current climate to not only create buzz for their movie, but to see how the fans would respond to the designs of Sonic. Kinda like killing two birds with one stone.

Credit: @LadyGT_DA
Credit: @LadyGT_DA

They’ll “leak” an image online, see how the fan reacts to it and then if possible, make adjustments to the designs to better please the fans. The reason why I’m saying is or speculating on this is because the recent and latest leaked images that you’ll see above on the left have been confirmed to be old concept art that they had for the movie to promote to investors but were most likely either scrapped or readjusted later on. Which to me is amazing news.

What made me think about this is why leak old art in the first place? You’d think that the leaker would get the latest version of Sonic and leak that one right to gain more rep to his name? Or could it be damage controlling on Paramount’s side after seeing the reaction to the design which actual is the real design for the movie? If it’s the latter, then we would probably hear a delay for the movie soon to make the changes that needs to be made.

Anyways, I wanted to just share what I’ve been thinking about. I REALLY HOPE that Paramount doesn’t mess this up and just stick to the source material. I mean if Detective Pikachu can do it, the why can’t Sonic?


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