Here’s interesting game that comes straight out of the PlayStation China Hero Project, Convallaria. At first, I was going to just ignore it as I thought it was going to be another generic shooter, but after deciding to watch the trailer, it peaked my interest. Enough so that I wanted to talk about it today.

Here’s the details about Convallaria  from the developers themselves via PlayStation.com.cn:

The year of 2019 meant not only hope, but also challenges to the developing team of Convallaria Project of Chengdu Loong Force.

Unlike other shooting games, Convallaria Project tries to show players with different emotional clutters, real-like experiencing as well as the stronger and more smooth battle plays.


The developing concept of how to combine the worldview design with scene structure, enemy structure and battle system, and eventually spread to other ACT games and even more complicated FTG games, was one of the tasks for the developing team to solve.

The team has repeatedly adjusted the balance point between aesthetics and frames of figure animation, many previously-made games have been studied, compared and even abandoned to keep iterating to eventually pick the best fruit.


What Convallaria Project wants is to present all the PlayStation players with an acting and shooting game that is unique and made by the developing team from our homeland. Waiting for players at the place where convallaria blossoms, besides cathartic battles there’s also an emotional expression along with our Convallaria Project to sing together a song of “love that couldn’t be delivered”.

For a game made by a small team in China, I’m pretty impressed. I’m not the biggest fan of shooter games these day (unless they involve over-the-top crazy stuff), but this one caught my interested. Maybe it’s because near the end of the trailer they started pulling out swords. Yeah, the moment I saw that part I was sold on this game. That, and the fact that the game looks gorgeous. Hearing that the devs want to incorporate their culture into the game is very enticing for me as I want see how they’ll do that in this game. I’m very interested to seeing how this game will develop over time. 

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