The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 9 started out pretty lighthearted, with the first half of the episode just focusing on the friendship between Melty and Filo, but we soon learned something major that might turn just the tides on Naofumi’s favor.

While still in the Eastern village, Naofumi and the squad meet a young girl named Melty.  She’s sitting on the grass, surrounded by filos. Turns out that this girl is infatuated with filos that she got separated from her guards because of it. She instantly becomes friends with Filo and then requests to accompany the party on their journey in order to get back to her home. There were some funny and lighthearted moments in the first half of the episode of the time they spent together.

From Filo suggesting that she wants to eat her own people to Naofumi thinking that Filo actually ate Melty. Things only started getting interesting when they got to the church to get the holy water needed to heal Rapthalia. Even at a church you can tell that the Shield hero isn’t respected, spotting that the church didn’t have a shield emblem, which he did get pissed off about but that was to be expected. Then, out of nowhere Motoyasu jumps in and attacks Naofumi, on a some weird Loli obsession with Filo. The guy’s really something ain’t he? Just when you think he couldn’t get any weirder.


Soon after Myne joins in as expected and tries to cause some trouble. It was here that we learned that Melty is in fact the princess of the Melromarc and the younger sister of Myne. Talk about a twist. She’s also in line for the throne, surpassing her sister because Myne has always been a problem child. Well, Naofumi, still harboring resentment for the kingdom, immediately turns Melty down and tells her to get lost.

Which is understandable, given the fact that when Myne was introduced, we all thought that she was a good person but look where that got him. Although, for us as the audience, we can kinda see that Melty might be on the good side of things so maybe (and by maybe it’s almost guaranteed) Naofumi will see that too. Given that her mother has been sending spies to keep an eye on Naofumi, this may yield some promise for the Shield Hero.

Overall, good episode, can’t wait to see this twist will play out.


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