I have been thinking about the Promised Neverland every day since its anime debut and the one question that keeps on coming up is, how in the hell are these kids going to escape the farm? Or will they even succeed? And who’s going to die? So many questions.

If you haven’t watched The Promise Neverland, please do yourself a favor and go watch it, or read the manga, both are great options. It is amazing and trust me, it will leave you wanting more. I’m currently an anime-watcher only and I plan on staying that way for the foreseeable future. So, for you manga-reader, please be forgiving for my theories and try not to spoil please in the comments. My theories might get easily debunked if you’re a manga reader, but for us anime-only guys, we got a lot of discussing to do.

So, the big question on everyone’s mind after watching each and every single episode is, how are Emma, Norman and Ray going to lead their family out of the slaughter farm and into the promised land. Well, my first theory is that none of them will survive to see a happy ending or the promise land. The anime is called The Promised NEVERLAND, implying to me that there’s no promised land awaiting these kids. The only thing awaiting them is an early grave or becoming lunch for the demons.


One by one, each and every single child we may grow attached throughout the run of this anime, will die by the hands of these monsters. Yes, that includes Emma, Norman and Ray. That my first theory. I believe that no of them will see the past the age of 14. It’s going to be dark and it’s going to leave us feeling empty. Mum will die too, probably at the cost of one of the three sacrificing themselves in an attempt to save the rest.

My other theory is that they do make it out of the farm but then now they’ll have to face a whole new challenge, been  in the outside world and surviving. We know that there’s demons running around but what about the wildlife? Not to mention the amount of mouths they’ll have to feed in order to stay alive. At this point, I feel like a good number of the kids will die off in horrific ways while been hunted down before the three kids make contact with William. And this is including the one’s that died at the farm, when Mum to things to the next level to keep everyone at check. I get the feeling that either Norman or Ray will tell the rest of the kids about what’s happing as a last ditch effort and it backfires on them.

After that, they’ll probably get into a massive war with the demons who are hunting down their food and most likely, out of the three protagonist, two will die. Once again, ending the anime on a sour note.

Now, could there be a good ending to this anime? For me, I can’t really see it. With how the odds are stacked against them, it really feels like there’s no way this anime could end on anything but a bad ending. That’s my thoughts on this, how do you feel this anime will end? Let me know in the comments below. How do you think the kids will escape their fate?

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