I’ve been reading the BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS manga at an on and off basis, jumping in once a few chapters starts rolling out. And what I’ve learned from my time reading the manga is that one, I force myself to read this manga, and two, why is Naruto portrayed at such a weaker state?

You get what I mean right? The Naruto we know and followed seems less powerful than the Naruto prior to the Boruto Saga. With the recent fight in the latest manga, I keep questioning the direction this manga is heading. So, as you know Naruto is engaged in combat with Delta and throughout the fight, Naruto has been on the defense, unable to quick land the finishing blow.

Yeah, I know that Kawaki explained that Naruto is in total control of the situation, but the fights feels like it should have ended a lot sooner, considering it’s Naruto we’re talking about. Regeneration and absorption aside, you’re telling that Naruto has no way of sealing her away for moment. Or even still, hit her torso at break-neck speed since he’s faster than light? Even if he was trying to get some intel out of her, there’s a whole team for that back at the village that he could bring her once he’s detained her.


The fight should have ended chapters ago, but for some reason, it’s been dragged on. There was an instance were Delta even caught Himawari after knocking out Boruto and chucked her in the air and tried to blast her with her laser vision. Naruto tries to save her and would’ve almost gotten caught in the blast if it weren’t for Kawaki. See, this is the issue I had with this chapter. Are you telling me, the guy who’s been confirmed to be faster that the Yellow Flash, couldn’t save his daughter in time? He had to be saved by a boy? Nah, that didn’t sit well with me at all.

And also, if some of you are saying “well, he couldn’t go all out because he had to protect the kids“, well that’s still not a good enough excuse when we know that Naruto is a master at shadow clone jutsu. He could have busted out two of himself, maybe three to guide the kids away. Two to protect the kids, and one would head off into the village to get more help. It’s as if the writer has forgotten who he’s writing in this fight.

I don’t know if the manga will ever get to a good point if it keeps heading in this direction. I’m a fan of Naruto, but I can’t ignore weird writing like this.

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