BRO, MOM IS TOO OP!!! TELL ME HOW THESE KIDS ARE BEATING HER? I WANNA KNOW CAUSE SHE PLAYING EVERYONE LIKE A DAMM FIDEL! OK, let me calm down, but I did not expect any of this. They’re all screwed man. THE PROMISED NEVERLAND Episode 8 brought the heat for sure.Things have gotten more complex that I could have possibly foreseen. First you have Sister Krone, who I rather grew to appreciate, get taken out by not only Mom, but Granny too. I don’t know man, I felt feels as I watched her background story. I really liked how they paralleled her getting eating alongside the kids having their lunch. And that music? Bro, that music was amazing with that scene. It was kinda fucked up too. As it turns out, Isabelle once too tried to escape but got stopped by Granny at one point. Now, she’s full blown dedicated to raising the finest kids on the farm.

maxresdefault (16)

So now in order for the kids to escape, they gotta deal with Mom and Granny who’re both playing 10D chess while the kids are at 4D checkers. Nah, I can’t see how this anime will have a good ending at all. This is about to be on some Death Note type of shit.

Meanwhile, Mom decides to finally stop playing with Ray and tell him that she’s done using him and locks him in a room. She then confronts Emma and Norman and spills all the beans. Despite that, Emma charges at her to try and buy Norman some time to see what’s beyond the wall.

This is where Isabelle breaks Emma’s kneecaps without hesitation, displaying to all the kids that she’ll do anything to make sure they’ll get shipped in mint condition. When she picked her up and carried her to the farm, every kid was worried, expect for Phil. Yeah, I’m back at his throat again. Notice how that kid looked away into the distance, then looked back with the same calm impression on his face while the other kids showed clear signs of concern. That kid is hiding something for real.

Anyways, this episode was insane. From the facials, the music to the mind games and plot twist. It had it all. I can’t wait to see how they’ll beat a woman who seems to be one, no, six steps ahead of everyone. Also, peep the note and the box that Sister Krone left behind. Could that be the key to turning things around for the kids?

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