So while discovering Predecessor, I came across another MOBA called Ethereal: Clash Of Souls that I thought was pretty interesting and promising a lot of new abilities and mechanics that I haven’t seen yet in an MOBA.

There isn’t too much information on Ethereal: Clash Of Souls but from what I could gather on the videos that they made and on their classes of heroes which they call MTHS, it seems that this game will have verticality like no other game before it. From running on walls, flying across the skies and using your shield in combat, the team behind this game seem to be making quite the ambitious promise for a unique MOBA experience. The game will have eight classes or MYTHS available and each of them sport unique abilities. I also like the designs of some of these Myths too.

What caught my eye was the flying aspect. I don’t think I’ve seen something like that and I’m curios to see how they’ll balance something like that in a game that’s mostly grounded. I’ll be keeping my eye on this one for sure. Of course, I’m skeptical by all of this features and what they promise but I’ll wait and see what they got to show us.

You can learn more by going to their official website for more information.

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