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Brie Larson Seems To Be On A One Woman Mission To Piss Off Everybody With Her Captain Marvel Political Crusade!

Brie Larson, the actress that’s playing the role as Captain Marvel in the Marvel film of the same name, has done an exceptional job in turning a comic book movie into a damm political crusade that has now honestly backfired on her.

Remember when I talked about how I felt that the marketing  for Captain Marvel has as of late become preachy and political motivated in “I Really Don’t Like How They’re Using Captain Marvel To Shove Some Feminist Narrative Down Our Throats“? Well, since then things have only gotten worse. Brie Larson has actively made it clear that she doesn’t want a certain demographic showing up for her movie and quite frankly it’s not helping her promote the movie. Sure, you have the media supporting her in her liberal feminist crusade, but the reality of it is that most people who are fans of Marvel just aren’t feeling her energy right now. And it’s starting to show.


Right now, if you got to the RottenTomatoes page for Captain Marvel and you take a look at the WANT TO SEE section, you’ll see that the percentage of interest for this movie has sharply dropped. It dropped from 96% to a shocking 24%! That’s insane and it’s all because Brie Larson had to slander an entire race and gender. I mean, what did she expect? And it’s funny because I don’t know who to blame her, Brie for saying messed up stuff or Marvel for not telling her to calm down a bit.

Personally, I’m still going to see the movie and judge it for myself, I’m not going to let and actress wilding out prevent me from seeing a movie that could potentially be great. I just wished she’d stop with the hate her own white people and the male gender. That is not how you make true and honest progress, it’s just going sideways instead of forward. Of course the media will label this whole controversy as a major female-led film has been attacked by online trolls and whatnot but I think in this case, people are just genuinely not happy with Brie’s comments on white males and won’t her to stop dividing a fanbase.

What do you guys think of all this?

3 thoughts on “Brie Larson Seems To Be On A One Woman Mission To Piss Off Everybody With Her Captain Marvel Political Crusade!

  1. It all just seems a bit silly. If you actually want a movie to succeed why would you discourage anyone from seeing it? And if the movie doesn’t succeed, it is going to make it that much harder for this type of movie to be made, so you would think success would be a fairly important goal.

    1. I hate saying this but I had a hard time reading your point. Don’t you have an editor? Don’t you edit? Sorry! But also. It sucks she said all of that bs. I liked the movie. Saw it before I knew about the controversy.

  2. She spoke her mind. She said it’s about time a woman gets a leading role in the mcu. If she attacked anyone it was Marvel themselves and you don’t see them all pissed off. This whole MAGA shit is as manipulated as a mass population has been since the nazi regime. There is not much of a reason to backlash against her unless you support exactly what she eluded too. White men and white men only have way too much priveledge and denial of that further proves how manipulated you are. She said what is true and that’s all. She said the men got there chance now I get one and I am confident it was a good decision. She is an empowered woman and the whole anti-Brie thing is just people that, in my opinion, are insecure and scaredy cats. Little babies afraid of a more just and united front against sexism and racism

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