Foldable phones seems to be the next step of mobile evolution. Some have tried it and some have failed at it but I feel like the Huawei Mate X might be the first one that makes it seem actually plausible and commercially a reality. However, that price point is where we differ.

Huawei’s Mate X foldable phone is a thinner 5G rival to the Galaxy Fold. Unlike the Galaxy Fold phone, in which the screen folds inwards, the Huawei Mate X screen folds outwards, making the space in-between the phone seem natural and less rigid in my opinion. This may open doors to reaching that perfect intersection between the future of design and the future of technology. There’s just one problem, the price tag for the Huawei’s Mate X. The phone is retailed at $2,600. I mean, I’m impressed with Huawei and them pushing the envelope on what a phone can physically do but that price is ridiculous.


There was an article by Wall Street Journal that had Mr Yu explain why the price point i like that, and it goes like this:

“There’s so much technology and innovation here,” Mr. Yu said in explaining the price tag. He unveiled the device on stage in this Spanish city on the eve of the mobile industry’s biggest event of the year, MWC Barcelona.

“We put so much resources and technology” into that component, he said. “This is the industry’s most sophisticated hinge.” Mr. Yu said it took Huawei engineers more than three years to get the phone’s most challenging technical component, the hinge, just right.

I mean, the Galaxy Fold is only 30% cheaper than the Mate so either way, this phone is not for the average consumer. Still, I do appreciate the innovation and look forward to learning more about this phone.

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