Well, I knew that Sister Krone was a lot smarter than the anime let on. Her perception and keen eyes gave her all the answers that she needed, too bad she got outplayed by Mom once again. And Ray, why do I keep getting this weird feeling that Ray about to get killed soon? THE PROMISED NEVERLAND Episode 7 really set the stages for some crazy plays to take place.

So the biggest bombshell, which in hindsight isn’t really a bombshell, is the fact that both Sister Krone and Isabelle were both kids on farms, however because they’re both girls with high scores and recommendations from previous Mom’s, they were allowed to continue on living. We learned that all adults have devices implanted in their chest, so that if anything happened to them it would send a signal back to HQ. Also, if they ever left the farm, the device would send a shock to their hearts that would kill them. That’s how these demons have been keeping these adults in check. I wonder, if Ray’s device can nullify the trackers and the bomb, would Isabelle and Krone side with them or continue serving the demons? Something to think about.

The children gain a powerful ally, but it’s super clear that both parties are planning on double-crossing. Norman and Emma meet up with Sister Krone to see what they can learn from her. At first it seemed basic, aside from the HQ, she already knew about the trackers, William and other farms but has no idea about the outside world. It was here that the kids made their first mistake. While the kids thought they had the upper hand, it was Krone who had the upper hand the entire time, watching closely to see how the kids would behave based on how they’d respond to her answers. However, I feel this experience will only aid them when it comes to dealing with Mom, who i assume has that same skill.


Mom is the only character that I can’t figure out. I can’t tell whether she’s begun to grow on Ray or she’s still as cold-blooded and ruthless as before. What I mean is, she seems distressed every time Ray looks away. Is it fear of Ray capabilities or could she have taken Ray as a son? Shit, I still think is the former since Ray is too close to her and know more that she’d like him to know.

Anyways, regarding what Ray is trying to build, my guess is that it’s some form of EMP that can short-circuit the trackers without breaking it, seeing as they can’t cut it out. Meanwhile, Mom gives Krone a letter from HQ that pretty much sends her back to where she came from. so it’ll be interesting to see how that will develop. Krone did find some type of note left as a trap by Ray that seemed interesting but I can’t say what it is at this point.

Overall, it seem that Mom, Krone and the kids will all be playing their cards real soon and that when things will finally get serious.


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