So The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 7 starts out with Naofumi taking up a request to deliver some weed killers to a village overrun by monster vines but ends up being one of the funnier episodes that more lighthearted than the previous view episode.

Essentially, this episode revolved around Naofumi cleaning up the mess that the Spear hero caused when he brought back a so called “Miracle seed”. After hearing of a village that’s in immediate need of herbicide, Naofumi and his party head there to do business. As I mentioned before, it turns out that the village has been overrun by plants that have turned into monsters, and its residents were forced to abandon it. These plants can even take root in humans, and it’s all thanks to Motoyasu, who released them into the wild.


The first half of the episode was pretty good, with small but great action scenes of Raphtalia and Filo attacking the mother tree that’s causing the problems but my favorite part was the relationship between Raphtalia and Filo that was shown. Filo’s cheeky attitude towards Raphtalia is always a welcomed addition. The rest of the episode mostly focused on Raphtalia trying to win over Naofumi. This entire episode was more or less a comedic relive mixed with some slice of life action.

There’s not really much to say to be honest. It’s cool to see the dynamic of all three of them when they’re together and I do like seeing more of Naofumi’s Shield abilities in action. And besides, episodes like these are needed from time to time so I can’t complain to be honest.

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