So word on the cyber street is that Scalebound, the action role-playing video game developed by PlatinumGames from 2013 until its cancellation in 2017, might be the game that Nintendo  had hinted at during their February’s Nintendo Direct. Now, how likely that this is true is kinda hard to say but I’ll be dammed if I’m not at least excited about this rumor.

So to bring up to speed about all of this, rumor has it that Nintendo is planning on resurrecting Scalebound as a Nintendo Switch exclusive. This report is based on Nintendo Insider’s anonymous source tip. And that’s all we got to go on for now. I mean, it’s no secret that Nintendo and Platinum Games have had a pretty good relationship  over these past few years, so something like this isn’t so far fetched. Not to mention that the only reason, or at least one of the major contributors to Scalebound getting cancelled was that Microsoft was heavily insisting that Scalebound should have a multiplayer component, much to the distaste of the designer, Yusuke Miyata This led to some back and forth, on top of engine issue, to the point of them deciding to cancel the game completely. However, the dragons might be back again.


Nintendo on the other hand have been killing it with their first and third party line ups, offering great multiplayer AND single player games. So what better way to continue this amazing trend than to pick up a title that got everyone excited back at E3 2013. I mean, they made Bayonetta 3 an exclusive, they made MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3: The Black Order an exclusive too, so why not Scalebound. I know most people would say something like “the Switch can’t handle this game” but think about it, the game was cancelled on January 9, 2017. They’ve had two years to work on the game in secret and scale it down to fit the Switch. Take Doom, Skyrim and even the upcoming Mortal Kombat 11.

As far as I’m concerned it very well possible and it’s not an IP that Microsoft owns either and with Nintendo at the helm of things, you know they’ll encourage the creators to create the game that they want. Well, I’m all for this rumour! I really hope it ends up being true. Although, even though I’d like to see a multiplayer in this dragon based game, I’m perfectly fine with a single player experience too.

It’s a shame for Microsoft though, feels like a slap to the face if you ask me.

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