So as discussions for the escape plan continues, Don and Gilda take a dangerous risk by going to Mom’s secret room. You can imagine how intense it was to watch this two pull off one of the most stupidest things I’ve seen so far. 

OK, to be fair I can’t blame Don and Gilda for what they did. They were ignorant to the severity of their situation and thought that even if they were caught, that at most they’d be punished severely for it. It wasn’t till after they found the bunny that Conny had, did they finally put the pieces together.

Meanwhile, Emma introduces Ray and Norman to someone named William. Apparently, someone from the outside world has been leaving clues behind in his books in the form of Morse codes. Funny enough, it wasn’t Emma, Norman or Ray who figured it out. In fact, it was the one kid who I suspected all along to be more than what he appears to be, Phil. Trust me, I guarantee you that Phil will most likely be either a super genius working for the demons, a sleeper agent or a double agent sent by someone from the outside world to infiltrate and figure out a way to save the kids.


Yeah, I know that sounds like a stretch but remember, I did call that their might be two agents at this farm. Phil might be one of them. I mean, there was a brief moment were there seems to be someone eavesdropping on them while they’re outside and Ray picked up on it. Like I said, the logical person in that instance would have been Krone, but I get the feeling that it might be Phil.

Anyways, Don lost it for a bit and slugged both Norman and Ray before calming down. That already shows me that Don reacts first before thinking things through, another weakness that either Krone or Mom might abuse. I can see it now, Mom or most likely Krone will mock Don by mentioning Conny and he losses it. Like I said before Don and Gilda, despite now gaining the trust, are still liabilities in my eyes.

Now that everyone on the same page, they finally continue on with the plan. Ray and Mom had their dialogue and we learned that Ray is next to be shipped after Mom lets him know that they’re skipping the month of December. However, I think that this might be a ploy by Mom to cause the kids to let their guard down. I mean, Mom knows that the kids know to much at this point and now has to play her cards if she still wants to be in the game.

Just then, Krone after stalking the kids in the forest, offers a partnership with them. I mean, it’s obvious a bad idea but I feel like Norman might take advantage of her seeing as she’s hellbent on becoming a Mom and dethroning Isabelle.

Things are really staring to pick up now, next weeks episode is going to be something else. Also keep an eye out for Phil, that kid’s way smarter than he looks.

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