The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 6 focused mostly on Naofumi trying to some magical clothes for the new member of their team.

Turns out that she’s a filolial queen with an advanced transformation ability, and she can take human form thanks to it. However, due to her transformation into a giant ass bird, her clothes gets ripped every time she transforms, meaning Naofumi had to get her some magic clothes if he doesn’t want to go broke. The party leaves on a new adventure to gather the materials required. This episode was more light-hearted and didn’t have anything serious happening. 

In their quest to find the materials needed, Naofumi figures out that the trading wagon can be used to transport people across places while making a few bucks. It’s here that he came across a seller that taught him how to craft gems, proving to be another business venture for him. I really like how this guys turns every opportunity to his favor, whether it be good or bad. Heck, even when those bandits tried to mug him, he used his reputation to his favor and ended up convincing all of the to give him their haul.


Now the best came when the team fought that Nue. Once again, Filo really surprised me. I wasn’t expecting her be so aggressive in combat. As long as she keeps up that energy during all fight, she’s quickly become everyone’s favorite character. It’s funny how the new shield that Naofumi thought was useless, ended up proving to be the key to beating the Nue. Now we got some Intel about the other heroes and for the most part, ended up been interesting. Motoyasu apparently saved a town, Ren is on some self-destructive quest to kill monster and Itsuki is currently shrouded in mystery.

The animation for that fight scene was good, I’m not gonna lie. Although Naofumi attitude towards her may come across as cruel, I’m sure that with time, he’ll warm up to her as he did with Raphtalia. Overall, there wasn’t much to talk about in this episode, it was really all about finding some clothes for Filo. Like I said, we got some news about what the other heroes are doing but it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary in my opinion.

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