Listen, I remember when screenshots of this movie came out and people were wilding out that Will Smith’s Genie wasn’t blue, well now that we got to see him as the blue genie, I’m betting you want him back as regular Will Smith now huh?


The trailer started out simple. A typical Disney trailer showcasing one of generations beloved franchise, but nothing could have prepared me for what came near the end. That genie’s CGI looked scary as fuck to me man. I mean, joking aside, it wasn’t the best CGI in the world. In fact, I rewatched it numerous times, and to me it looked kinda stiff. It’s like the whole body of the genie was made out of rubber ballon and they just slapped Will’s face on it. That’s how it came across to me. The whole CGI scene just looked off and I feel like it’s going to be off putting to see him on screen like that.

When Will said that he was going to be “Blue”, I thought that he was going to voice the CGI, and not have his face transplanted on top of a CGI. It just looks weird man. You gotta ask yourself, how the largest entertainment conglomerate in the world can manage to produce THIS level of CGI. I expected better. Still, I’ll give this movie the benefit of the doubt for now and watch, just because Aladdin is one of my childhood movies growing up. Hopefully, the movie does well in box office.

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