While searching for all the new and upcoming MMO’s in 2019, I somehow stubbled upon a game called Conqueror’s Blade. As I read more about this game, I started getting more and more interested by this new take on the MMO genre. I don’t think I’ve come across any MMO quite like this yet.

Conqueror’s Blade is a new free-to-play MMO tactical medieval warfare game. An ambitious hybrid of military strategy and deeply tactical third-person gameplay. Become the warlord of the greatest medieval civilization!


Immerse yourself in a life of civil and military leadership, with tactical, economic and diplomatic choices that determine the fates of kingdoms.

Select one of the many classes and dive into the heat of battle to tip the scales of the war in your favor! Use the pros of each class to their fullest and gain an advantage over your opponents. Players choose from ten commanders, each with their own fighting style and weaponry.

I’ve never seen any MMO out there that lets you command an army and participate in the battle simultaneously. I think what captivates my interest the most is the concept of building a kingdom and going out into the world to conquer other kingdoms. That aspect interests me the most. I think it stems from me playing games like Age of Empire or Sid Meier’s Civilizations, the idea that there’s an MMO that not only slightly taps into that concept and allows you to participate in the battles is interesting to me. Plus the combat actually looks pretty good and slightly reminds me of For Honor in some way. Not to mention that I do enjoy historical battles. Accurate or not!

This game looks like it could potential be something great, if it doesn’t get plagued by P2W stuff. Either, I’m going to be trying this game out and post a review of the game in the near future. Let me know your thoughts on the game.

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