Like many of you guys out there, I’m really excited to see Captain Marvel in cinema on March 8th to prepare for the Avengers: EndGame. However, as the marketing for the movie has started picking up with the approaching date, I can’t help but notice how the marketing for Captain Marvel has shifted from Captain Marvel been the trump card for beating Thanos to some toxic Feminism agenda that’s actively seems to be “putting down men”.

Political agendas in movies and comics is nothing new. This is as true as time itself. I’m not going to sit here and say “I don’t want politics in my movies”. However, I gotta say my peace when it comes to the marketing direction that Marvel seems to be taking Captain Marvel. Here’s an example, there’s an article posted by Verge about Captain Marvel’s TV spot, that alone would have been fine, until you read the title “New Captain Marvel tease from the Super Bowl shows the boys who’s boss“. Really? And these are just one of the examples.

Yeah, in the trailer itself, you have Brie Larson and another pilot making a cheeky comment about showing the boys how it’s done. That line is fine in of itself, I got no problem with that. I mean one line like that doesn’t mean anything, girls have been saying that for years now.


Unfortunately, the more you actually look into the marketing for this movie, the more you start to realize that it’s gone from an average comic book movie about a badass girl  with powers to a cause that’s gotten more preachy by the minute. They’re treating this movie as if it’s the first of its kind. It’s Ghostbusters all over again. Have we forgotten Wonder Woman? A movie, if memory serves me right, had none of this bullshit and still done extremely well. It feels unnecessary and out of place and I fear, if the keep this mentality up, it could impact the movie’s box office performance, which I don’t want to see happening.

There’s another aspect that also has been nagging at me for a minute now, and that is that I’m still not fully accepting of the fact that Captain Marvel is going to come in outta nowhere and beat Thanos. Maybe the movie will change that for me but it still feels like a slap in the face to the 10 years journey we’ve gone through with theses characters. I know Captain Marvel is powerful but has she earned the right to be the one to beat Thanos after all these years? They want us to stand with her, but has she earned it? I’m not going to stand with Captain Marvel just because she’s a girl. I want to stand with her for her principle and merits. Maybe the movie will change that but for now, it’s a tough pill to swallow.

I’m still excited for Captain Marvel, make no mistake of that but I can’t pretend that I’m happy with how they’ve been handling this movie marketing. And I’m only focusing on the movie’s marketing since I don’t know what the actually movie will be like. I’m really hoping that this modern political feminism crap hasn’t inserted itself into the movie.

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