To be completely honest with y’all, this whole Vic Mignogna debacle is very interesting. I wanted to talk about this for a very long time but decided to wait a bit in order to see if more information would come out. It’s been a couple weeks since then and nothing new has developed, so I thought I’d share my thoughts on this #IStandWithVic / #KickVic topic now.

So how this whole thing allegedly even started in the first place was that a fan brought a Yaoi pic of Broly for Vic to sign. Vic refused to sign it, stating that he didn’t want to sign something that didn’t represent the character and wasn’t canon. This logic makes sense to me, given the climate we’re in 2019. This obviously sparked an outrage among a small group of people and soon enough snowballed in the internet, where it went out of control.

Soon after, a lot of accusation of sexual assaults came out left and right, with prominent voice actors in the Dragon Ball world coming out to say their peace on the matter. I looked around to see what the accusation were about, and all I found was that Vic Mignognam apparently gave hugs and kisses to fans and other people which made them uncomfortable. People have used pictures or videos of fans to make their case on why the anime industry should dump Vic. Saying that the alleged victims were distraught in those pictures/videos and felt preyed upon. However, the people in question of those video/pictures have themselves come out and spoke against it, saying that Vic hasn’t done anything wrong or malicious and didn’t want to be involved in the conversation. Not to mention that some people have brought up the fact that there’s certain alleged groups out there purposely conspiring to slander Vic’s name, all in an effort to ruining his career.


There’s one case that I saw which was the one from Monica Rial, the voice actor of Bulma, who has yet to revel anything. A lot of people are saying that she doesn’t owe anyone anything and that just saying vague stuff was enough. NO! She does owe everyone a full explanation if she’s going to make claims that could potentially ruin a man’s life. How are we to put this case to rest if we support these types of mindset. It’s ridiculous.

Aside from that, there hasn’t been any concrete evidence against Vic Mignogna. As you can see, this is a massive mess. I wanted to talk about this not because I’m in support or against Vic Mignogna but  because I wanted to address just how dangerous the internet can be. I believe in innocent until proven guilty. This is how we operate in society. Going by that logic, Vic is innocent until concrete evidence comes out that proves without a shadow of a doubt that Vic is every bit the monster the internet is painting him to be!

Sadly, the internet does the opposite. We live in a time were one false accusation can ruin a life within seconds. The idea of “believe her” was at heart good intention but it’s been taken and abused in ways most of us didn’t foresee coming. Vic Mignogna has lost his deals with Roosterteeth and Funimation and his career is on the verge of collapse, all because of ALLEGED accusations. They haven’t been proven yet, however that didn’t stop Funimation from firing the guy. This man’s only alleged crime is that he gives awkward hugs and kisses. That’s it! That’s all I’ve been able to find.

I’m not saying that he’s this or the other as I am taking a neutral stance on this, but we need to wait until all the evidence has been laid out on the table BEFORE deciding someone’s faith. All I want is facts. Bring the facts to the table and then we can proceed with the judgement. All that’s happening is, “she said, he said” and it’s getting no one nowhere but at the same time killing a man’s livelihood.

That’s my stance on the matter.

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