Man, oh man is this getting more intense by the minute. The Promised Neverland Episode 5 really added more twists than I could have never foreseen, well aside from Don ruining everything. That I saw coming a MILE AWAY! Now I don’t know who to trust anymore.

As we discussed in the last review, it turns out I was right in assuming that Norman would tell Ray the wrong information just to see if he’s the traitor. And it’s true, Ray is in fact the traitor and has been so for a long ass time. He planned everything according to him and even set up Norman and Emma to find the little bunny, which led them to learning about the monsters eating them. The dialogue between Norman and Ray was intense as hell and further added more layers to the already complicated cat and mouse game. Heck, you might as well call this the advanced version of cat and mouse. By the end of it, it seems that Ray has the upper hand of the deal but later we see Norman smiling so he too might have something up his sleeves. The frame shots of Ray smiling menacingly are some of the best.


Soon after, Emma learns the truth from Ray himself, which I didn’t expect. That play may have seemed obvious but I still can’t seem to figure him out yet. Anyways, all I know is that I way underestimated both Ray and Norman intellectual prowess and tactical abilities. After seeing this, who knows where all this will be going. I mean Ray says that he has a lot of Intel about their situation and claims to have wanted to save both of them but I don’t about all that now. With Mom clearly about to double-cross Ray in the future, and Sister Krone out and about with her own agenda, coupled with Don and Glida who I see as liabilities, which we will get to in a bit, Ray may have been right all along when he said escaping with everyone would be impossible.

Now lets talk about Don because once again. Ray was right about this. Ray told Norman that giving them false hope would create unneeded and unforeseeable problems and lo and behold, this guy, despite two of the smartest kids on the block telling him NOT TO GO TO MOM’S ROOM, decides to go anyways. I mean, come on. I get it but still, that was pretty damm stupid. Gilda, instead of talking him out of it, tags along because she too wants to save Conny, who we know is long gone.

They left it as a cliffhanger but I get the feeling, it’s Sister Krone or Ray that’s going to be the one at the door. Most likely it might be Ray. If it ended up been Sister Krone, then shit GG!

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