Man, we aren’t even ten minutes into The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 5 and already they tried to disrespect Naofumi like that!

This anime really does something to you when you watch it it. It goes from heartwrenching pain to light hearted joy so casually is insane. The episode starts out with what I’m assuming to be the Queen of this kingdom and most likely the true ruler of the land send her special ops to ensure that things are going smoothly for the summoned heroes. From the tone of her voice and dialogue, it sounds to be that she’s on the Shield Hero’s side and is aware that the King is constantly making Naofumi’s life a living hell. As the scene shift from the Queen to the King’s palace, we see the four heroes get compensated for their efforts in the war against the wave. Once again, the King and Myne are on the bullshit as they tried to cuck Naofumi out of his already small prize money, while the other heroes prize money reached in the thousands.

Once again, Ren and Itsuki playing the devil’s advocate, went against the King’s decision and defended Naofumi, acknowledging his efforts in the waves and saving the village from destruction. Hopefully Ren and Itsuki will continue in their effort to be fair and call out their bullshit when needed. Rapthalia came in to throw one last shot at the King before convincing Naofumi to leave. Let’s face it, we all like that part.


As they left the palace, Raphtalia decided to get her slave mark back again to show her loyalty to Naofumi. I thought it was unnecessary but it’s whatever. It was there that the Black Dealer offered them a Monster egg that would either hatch into a dragon or a bird. Naofumi got a bird soon after and named her Filo and I must say Filo was my favorite part of the episode. Her attitude and the way she was portrayed was hilarious to me. When she kicked Motoyasu in the balls, I knew she was the one. Speaking of that instance, Myne came outta nowhere to declare that Motoyasu was to be the new lord and already planned on imposing a hefty tax on the village. Of course that was ruined by the Queen’s special ops who gave her a letter that most likely made Naofumi the new lord.

They had a race and despite all the cheating that went on, Filo pulled through and secured the win for Naofumi. After winning and leaving, Filo transformed once again and took on a small little girl with wings. I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t too fond of that at all. I already liked Filo as pet bird mascot with an attitude. Well, I guess we will see what Filo will be able to do in the next episode, once they give her some clothes.

Overall, a pretty cool episode.

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