OK, I know I’m a day late to THE PROMISED NEVERLAND Episode 4 – 291045 party but I have a good reason. Kingdom Hearts 3! Need I say more? Good, so lets discuss this twist that took place. I mean, I kinda suspected him, but I didn’t think he’d get accused like that? Or is there more to it than that? Because if it’s HIM, then GG! You kids ain’t escaping!

Emma, Norman, and Ray have figured out that there may be a traitor among the children from last episode, an informant for Mom. This led Norman to come up with a plan to stay ahead of the game. First, the changed up the tag game into tag team game to increase their chances of escape, which seems to yield some promise. Then he pushed the date to escape to ten days, to try and catch Isabelle off guard.

However, I’ll keep it real with you guys, I still can’t see how the team is making it out of this situation. With the other kids still thinking that it’s a game, one of them is sure to mess the plan up somehow. Speaking of messing things up, Norman also starts another plan to weed out the traitor among them.

He tells two more kids, Don and Gilda about what happened. I’m sure most of us kinda suspected Gilda from the start, seeing how she’s been monitoring them for a while now. Now we know why. It turns out that Sister Krone has been using Gilda to weed out information about the kids who witnessed the transaction that night. Aside from Gilda, Phil was mentioned by Ray which was funny because I kinda also suspected him too. I mean come on, that kid got that something about him that makes me suspect him. Would be funny if he’s the traitor.


Meanwhile, Isabelle demonstrated here intellectual prowess by flat out calling out Krone for her back-stab. This really helped solidify the fact that the kids are up against a massive threat. Krone a threat too, but Isabelle is on a whole other level of scary.

Anyways, to test them, he told each of them where he hid the rope he made, one for Gilda and one for Don. The twist here is that despite Don’s rope disappearing, Norman suspect Ray to be the traitor. Now, I kinda of find that hard to believe but it is plausible. He could have mentioned the locations to Ray but never told the other two about it or gave them completely different location than the one that Ray heard, increasing the chances of Ray messing up. That face that Norman pulled at Ray was too epic. See, this is why I like anime like these, because I always put myself in those situations to see how I’d fair in comparison

Anyways, overall the episode was great, a lot of ground-building to let us the audience know just how severe the kids situation is at. Also, I know that their looking for the traitor, but it might be possible that there’s two traitors among them. It’s just a hunch!

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