Now, initially I didn’t plan on reading nor reviewing the new Chapter for BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS CHAPTER 31 just yet as I wanted to binge read it as more came along, however this chapter was particularly interesting in the sense that Delta actually beat Naruto to death…or did she?

I’ll get right to the point, she didn’t. Everyone in the community made it seem like Delta actually had the upper hand in her fight against Naruto when in reality it was clear that Naruto was holding back his power. That was the only reason why I picked up the manga. I thought for a split second that Naruto actually took an L. Still, I can’t be mad. Delta did exhibit some rather interesting abilities. Her fake dojutsu for example has the ability to absorb Ninjutsu. First off, why? Like why did she choose her eyes of all places, shit is just weird to me. I mean, they look kinda cool on her but man, I’d rather have that ability on my hand instead of the eyes for sure. Aside from that, just like Kawaki, she too has the ability to morph her body parts into weapons.


Now the other reason why I decided to talk about this manga chapter is the fact that these scientific ninja tools seem to be more effective than I originally thought. They seem to be more viable and proficient vs those who are natural. Then again, the premise is kinda similar to our real world’s counterpart, robots. Think about it, humanity for decades have prophesied that our extinction will come at the hands of our own creation. Beings who are built to be stronger, faster and smarter than us. Who’s to say this exact same thing isn’t happening right now in the world of Naruto. That the next true step of ninja evolution is Cyborg Ninjas with Chakra. I mean how else can Dleta show up to the door steps of one of the strongest ninjas in the world and think she could walk away with Kawkai. She must be confidence of her abilities. Which I can’t wait to see.

Anyways, cool chapter regardless. Can’t wait to see Boruto master the Karma soon.

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