With last week’s episode of THE PROMISED NEVERLAND Episode 2 introducing Sister Krone, this has gotten very interesting in THE PROMISED NEVERLAND Episode 3 – 181045: Review!.

Man, oh man did things escalate quite quickly in this episode, I mean the odds are truly stacked against Emma, Norman and Ray. OK, so we got a little more info on how these farms operate. As it turns out, there’s more than one farms out there and Mom or Isabelle, has the best farm.

So the demons are highly dependent on her to ship out the best kids to the demons so that they demons can feed them to what they’ve referred to has “Him”. What I hadn’t counted on was for Sister Krone to eye out Isabelle’s Mom’s positions.


That double-cross has added another level of twist that’s sure to make this whole cat and mouse chess game more intense. My biggest question though is how these adults came to be in the first place. I mean, my first guess would be to assume that, just like the kids, the adults are farmed and produced to look after the kids. Makes you wonder just what state is the world in at this moment. At least we know that the year is 2015, so modern warfare weaponry isn’t out of the question here. Does that mean that our weapons are that completely useless against the demons? I mean, I’m assuming that they’re actually alien and not the book definition of demons.

While preparations are underway, Emma, Norman, and Ray use their tag game to secretly  start “training” the other kids so they can get stronger and be ready when the time comes. That plan was great and it really showed promise too. However, Sister Krone picked  through their plans like it was nothing, and even offered Emma an alliance of sort. This may be an option for the kids that I think they’ll utilize in the future. But despite Mom’s orders, the new Sister Krone has her own plan and it’s to take over the farm, so she’s not thinking of the kids best interest.

Aside from the fact that not only do they have to deal with both Mom and Sister Krone, now they learn that there’s a traitor among them. Any one of these kids, is a double agent and they don’t know who it is. Kinda puts their “save everyone plan” down the drain huh?

The first part of the episode was them trying to deduce how Mom and Sister Krone operated. Now they got this to worry about too. Crazy! Overall, I am hyped for the next episode to come out.


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