As of late, League of Legends have been dropping great animation for their game’s next season, new characters or big patches. It’s nothing new, however with the latest trailer that came out to announce season 2019, I wouldn’t be opposed if they decided to expand their universe and drop an anime for us. Would be a great way to get more people to play the game.


Inspired by the true story of Michelle, a university student and League of Legends player who joined a team and joined the fight, RIOT decided to commemorate the new Season 2019 of League of Legends by dropping their first (and hopefully many more to come) anime trailer, animated by the the animation studio PA Works and directed by Shingo Yamashita, known for his wildly ambitious action animation sequences in Naruto: Shippuden and Soul Eater.

I mean, I haven’t touched the game in years and here I am actually contemplating booting up the game to give it shot once again. I mean this isn’t the first time RIOT has done something this epic, y’all remember that K/DA – POP/STARS collab that blew up. They have the universe, filled with a lot of dope characters, it’s feasible but it’s up to them. Anyways, here’s the trailer. Tell me you what think about it.

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