After months of being bombarded with marketing material for Dragon Ball Super, dodging spoilers from the internet while the movie was premiering in the US, I finally got to watch Dragon Ball Super in cinema and, it was both exhilarating and frustrating at the same time.

The movie was fantastic! From the brief 30 minute back story of the Saiyan race to the amazing 90 minutes of pure exhilarating combat scenes between Goku, Vegeta, and Broly, the movie is definitely something that needs to be seen on a big cinema screen. The only flaw I can point out was the CGI portion of the movie. Although not as bad as many online have made it out to be, I’d still have done without it. It was cool, but not that cool. The way the transformed in the movie was exactly how I envisioned them to actually be in the anime. I wasn’t fond of these guys jump into different forms so casually, so see them struggle just a bit to transform, really made them feel powerful. There were times where both Goku and Vegeta had a green aura, not sure if that a hint at a new form or not but I rather it was not the case but who knows at this point. We got a tease of Ultra Instinct too which was cool.

Broly’s character was actually pretty good. I mean, it wasn’t anything spectacular like how the online community has made him out to be but after a few minutes of screen time, I began to like this new canon version of Broly. The choreography was actually insane, the best I’ve ever seen for a Dragon Ball Movie or Dragon Ball period. There were times I would ask “how can this get any better”? And then it just gets better. It was the definition of hype. The music was dope too and the voice acting was phenomenal. Of course, I’m referring to the English dub here. I just simply couldn’t find any flaws in the movie. They did an amazing job here.


Now, let me talk about the part that actually frustrated and enraged me about my experience watching the movie. I knew everything. The movie was spoiled for me before I even got a chance to see it. I don’t care what anyone says, the reveal of Gogeta was the highlight of this movie and knowing that was enough to completely change the experience I could have had had I walked in without that knowledge. There were no surprises for me to be amazed by. This time, I can’t blame leakers or people spoiling the movie, this is all Toei’s animation’s fault.

They revealed way too much about the movie to the point that predicting the outcome became all too obvious. It’s was so annoying. I know that some of you will say that “you could have not watched the trailers”, to which I would say ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? There’s no way I could have avoided it. Everyone and their mama talked about it. Every time something major was revealed about Dragon Ball Super: Broly, that shit would start trending. Anything that was revealed would be plastered all over YouTube and Twitter from people looking to cash in on the views. They even put him in the bloody game before the movie even came out. It was impossible.

Overall, the movie was amazing, however, it could have been peak greatness for me had I walked in knowing nothing about the film. I’m also mad I had to wait this long to see the movie here in Europe. Although, I was quite surprised that the cinema I went to was packed. Who knew I had that many Dragon Ball fans around me.

I Finally Watched Dragon Ball Super: Broly & It’s Beyond Amazing, However Now I’m Extremely Enraged! [Review]
8 / 10 Reviewer
The movie was amazing, however, it could have been peak greatness for me had I walked in knowing nothing about the film.



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