I just heard that yet another potential Star Wars game has been cancelled by EA, which now begs the question, what in the heck is EA doing with the Star Wars IP? I mean they’re trying but come on now, it’s been almost 6 years since we’ve had an Star Wars game that wasn’t Battlefront.

Electronic Arts has cancelled its open-world Star Wars game, according to Kotaku. The game, announced alongside the shutdown of Visceral Games back in 2017, had been in development at EA’s large office in Vancouver for a good while now. They gave this statement after news broke out but come on, this sounds more like damage control at this point:

There’s been speculation overnight about one of our Star Wars projects. As a natural part of the creative process, the great work by our team in Vancouver continues and will evolve into future Star Wars content and games. We’re fully committed to making more Star Wars games, we’re very excited about Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order from Respawn, and we’ll share more about our new projects when the time is right.


You know, I’m not sure what is going on at this point. First, they killed off Visceral Games and now they can’t keep up with their own development plans. I’m not familiar with game development so maybe I’m just reacting as a gamer that was interested in this Star Wars game code-named “Orca”, this isn’t only a slap in the face to the fans, this is a massive slap in the face to Disney as well.

I mean word on the street is that they cancelled “Orca” just to rush out another game that’s quicker to make. That’s wild!

Disney needs to send the mouse over and take the IP back. LucasArts made more games in their short time with the IP (16 games) than EA did and that’s wild. They basically ruined the IP reputations, all in effort to make that quick buck and please their masters.

What do y’all think of this?

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