It’s funny, I’ve heard for a while now that Amazon was working on an MMO of its own but I never paid any attention to it. Mostly due to the fact that I believed nothing good will come out of it, fun-wise. However, as the months went on, the MMO kept on coming to my attention so I decided to finally look into it properly and give you guys my thoughts on it.

Enter a lost chapter in history, in a sandbox MMO that begins with the discovery of a new world. Carve your destiny alongside hundreds of other players in a savage and arcane 17th century world. Survive murderous player bandits, band together to build fortified strongholds, or strike out to claim a piece of the haunted frontier.


NEW WORLD is an upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game by Amazon Game Studios.

One of the big questions that I’m sure most of you will share with me is “why is Amazon even making an MMO in the first place?” We know that for the longest time, the MMO scene just hasn’t been the same as it once was back in the early 2000 & 2010. People have been gravitating away from games that require time and investment and are more keen to games like Fortnite and Call of Duty that offer that quick “jump in and play” pay off. So there must be something I’m missing that Amazon is seeing. One conclusion that I came to was that Amazon is trying to showcase its prowess when it comes to their AWS cloud computing services that assumingely lets potentially thousands of players share a massive environment in New World. Or it could be that they just wanted to expand their business further to reach a new market.


I will admit, the concept of players inhabiting a super continent, with the goal of forming communities in order to wage wars and take over territories does sound enticing to me. The visuals are alright for the most part, nothing too spectacular but it’s the gameplay of course that will either make or break this new MMO. I’ve seen some gameplay, but since it’s just pre-alpha stuff that I presume wasn’t meant for the public, I didn’t want to form any opinions just yet.

From what I’ve been able to gather, this game has been described as “mmo/survival game”. It’s based on the 17th century but will have mystical creatures.

If I’m being honest, this game reminds me of a similar game called Ashens of Creation to some extent. Well, I’ve decided to follow this game’s development anyways as we do need more MMO’s in the gaming scene. That and I’m also curious to  see if they’ll be able to have one thousand players at once without any issues. If successful, the AWS could hold promise for future MMO’s to come.

What do you guys think of the game?

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