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The Rising of The Shield Hero Seems To Have Caused Quite The Commotion Upon Its Debut! According To Feminist & SJW’s, It Turns Out The Story Is Really About Hating Women!

You know what’s funny? When I watched The Rising of The Shield Hero, which is a Iseka, I didn’t think too much into it. It’s anime about a dude who get sent to another world and are now tasked to save it. He gets betrayed soon after and learns the harsh reality of his predicament and of this world. And thus the premise is set. That all it was to me. However, while surfing these webs, I stumbled upon videos of people criticizing other people who’ve seem to have gotten a different impression of the anime itself. This is Goblin Slayer all over again. This time tho, their reaching for problems that aren’t even there.


I won’t go too deep into this as frankly it is not that serious of an issue. So what people have been getting their panties in twist is that they didn’t like how the MC of The Rising of The Shield Hero whole motivation for wanting revenge is the fact that he was falsely accused of rape by a women. I mean, essential this is white knighting at it’s finest. People who are just begging for controversy where there is none. They somehow inserted their political believes while watching the anime and ignored the anime’s lore completely.

According to some of these people, The Rising of The Shield Hero is a tale of a nice guy looking to get back at the bitch who ruined his life. And that the whole purpose of the anime is to hate and berate women and make them seem evil. To say that when a women makes a rape allegation, the nice guys should take up arms and seek vengeance. It sounds ludicrous to be honest. How did anyone get that from watching this anime?

I didn’t see that when I watched and reviewed the anime. In fact, the anime even went as far as to suggest that women in this world are very important and that any offense towards them is likely to be punishable by death.

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Iwatani Naofumi was only spared that faith because he was a hero. They even stated that the country was a Matriarchy. Although we see a King at the throne, I’m sure we will learn the truth soon enough. So it’s safe to say that the writer isn’t out here telling a story to attack or paint women is any certain way. Plus Iwatani Naofumi hate isn’t solely on the woman that betrayed him, he hates everyone who he  has perceived to be foul.

I’ll say this, not every story is meant for everyone. The are good ones, dark ones, funny ones, and bad ones. This is the writers story and we haven’t even seen the whole picture yet. To try and persuade the guy to change his story or to “burn it away” is ridiculous. I mean, they weren’t even criticizing the plot or the animation of anything that relevant to the actual anime. It was all just a political agenda push to achieve God knows what. The story isn’t even bad. It’s just starting so lets just wait until we see at least 3-4 episodes. I mean all this hating will really only entice people to go check out the anime, so I guess there’s some good to this ridiculous outrage.


4 thoughts on “The Rising of The Shield Hero Seems To Have Caused Quite The Commotion Upon Its Debut! According To Feminist & SJW’s, It Turns Out The Story Is Really About Hating Women!

  1. Yes, the controversy definitely got this anime attention. I’m still amazed by how far reaching the criticism as been and the number of people who seem to think that there should never be anything in a story that they apparently don’t personally agree with. That said, I’m just going to stay out of it and watch the anime.

  2. I don’t understand how people can get these kinds of ideas…
    I have seen an article (To be exact a video by a guy on YouTube about said article called The Act Man who goes through it am points out many problems with it.) on how Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time is a gay coming of age story…

    1. Easy the Cavanaugh hearings happened and people were saying it was false/accusation/set up to take a powerful man down. lt’s not hard to see how someone could come to see the parallels. Also what happened to Naofumi is exactly how a lot of people see every accusation.

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