CES 2019 is the ultimate place for these companies to unveil their craziest ideas to the world, some of which will probably never see the light of day again. One of those cool, yet crazy ideas is Samsung unveiling “The Wall,” the World’s First Modular MicroLED 146-inch TV of it’s kind.

Samsung’s “The Wall,” a 146-inch modular TV with MicroLED technology delivers incredible definition, without restrictions to size, resolution or form. It is a self-emitting TV with micrometer (µm) scale LEDs – which are much smaller than current LEDs, and serve as their own source of light.

The MicroLED technology featured in The Wall eliminates the need for color filters or backlight, yet allows the screen to offer consumers the ultimate viewing experience. Also, the MicroLED screen excels in durability and effectiveness, including luminous efficiency, the light source lifetime and power consumption, setting the standard for future screen technology.


Featuring a module-based, bezel-less design, “The Wall” also exemplifies how consumers can customize their television sizes and shapes to suit their needs. The screen can adapt to serve different purposes, such as creating a wall-size display for multiple spaces.

Samsung also featured the world’s first QLED TV featuring 8K AI technology, which will be launched internationally, starting with Korea and the US during the second half of 2018. This AI technology upscales standard definition content to 8K resolution. It employs a proprietary algorithm to adjust screen resolution based on picture quality characteristics of each scene, to continuously improve picture quality and easily transform any type of content from any source into a high-resolution 8K.

Samsung showcased 2018 Samsung Smart TV’s enhanced connection and convenience functions at the First Look event, including Bixby, SmartThings and Universal Guide.

Listen, from the technological standpoint, this is amazing. That 8K QLED must be crispy in person. Now, I don’t know about it being module-based and how practical that’s going to be. I mean, I’m mostly speaking for myself but I can’t remember the last time I move my TV or did anything to change it’s location. Once I set that bad boy down, ti hasn’t moved since. Still, innovation is innovation and this one innovation that’s pretty cool. Especially that AI technology. The fact that it can employs a proprietary algorithm to adjust screen resolution based on picture quality characteristics of each scene is crazy and kinda scary in a bit. I mean what if I watching something and the AI transmits that shit to Samsung and they use that information to better market some shit to me? OK, that’s a big reach, but it could happen.

Joking aside, this is amazing.

What do you all think about this TV? Is it a cop?



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