After the insanely ridiculous single Red Dot for $1 that can be found in the new Call of Duty, one has to really wonder, who here is really to blame for these ridiculous Microtransactions practices? Even after all the backlash that we’ve seen over the past few months, game companies are still ready and willing to try these asinine microtransactions so what’s going on?


Now, before you begin to write the greatest essay known to man, hear me out first. Of course I feel like these game companies have a responsibility in creating an ethical way of providing a fair and reasonable microtransactions system within our games that we all can benefit from, but why do you think they’re able to push the boundaries the way they are now? It’s because a majority of gamers are becoming more and more lenient and conditioned to believe that this is the norm. We aren’t speaking with our wallet loud enough to ensure they get our message loud and clear. We tweet and make videos but still end up buying these foul microtransactions time and time again, sending the wrong message to these game companies.


I mean think about this, Activision had the audacity to even consider selling bloody red dots to its consumer base, confidently believing that people will buy it. In fact, I wager that they knew this would cause an outrage with some people but they don’t care  anymore because now they’re starting to learn that our rage, our voices means fuck all unless we back it up with action. We need to pull the same stand that we did with Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Battlefield 5, show them what we like and dislike. Activision are testing the waters to see what they are able to get away with, and we need to let them know that this is not it!

I’m completely flabbergasted that this is even a thing at this point. What are your thoughts on this matter?

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