So as someone who’s completed the Bleach manga, I can tell you that the climatic end of this Thousand-Year Blood War arc left little to be desired. This is something that the majority of Bleach fans can agree on. We know that Tite Kubo was rushed by the publishers to just finish the entire arc within a short and unreasonable amount of time. So, if the Bleach were to ever comes back, should Tite Kubo “rewrite” the Thousand-Year Blood War to not only encompass his true vision but to also give us, the fans, something epic to remember?

Of course, I know what some people are probably thinking right now: “how dare you, some random ass guy, suggests that Tite to rewrite an entire arc? You think that shit is easy fuckboi?” OK, maybe you didn’t say that but I can get that most people would feel this way. I’m not suggesting for Kubo to throw out everything in favour of making a whole new arc, that would be insane. I was more in the line of him going back to his notes, and really create the story that he wanted. On top of that, now that he’s had time to think about it, he can really cook up some new designs and powers, fill in any plot holes, stop Ichigo from getting one-shotted by Yhwach AFTER JUST AWAKENING HIS NEW POWERS and instead give us an actual bloody, lengthy battle to demonstrate Ichigo’s new found Shinigami, Quincy, Hollow and Fullbring powers all merged up.

maxresdefault (1)

This wouldn’t only be great but the build up and pay off would also help us with the explanation of the epilogue were Ichigo suddenly became a dad. I ain’t got nothing against that concept but if it was explained, I’m sure some people would appreciate it. Like, what I have in mind is that Tite Kubo would stop playing around and just announce the return of the Bleach anime and follow it up with him saying he’s adding on to the story to make it complete..oh and that the arc in the anime is the cannon version. I’d be happy. I just got inspired to write this because of that new unit in Bleach Brave Souls. The image you saw above is the work of Tite Kubo himself and is currently exclusive to the game. That’s Ichigo with all his powers merged into one and it’s something that I’d like to see happen one day. But that’s just one person’s opinion.

What are your opinion on this?


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