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So we finally got to see the final episode of GOBLIN SLAYER Episode 12 – The Fate of an Adventurer and I must admit, the ending was good.

The fight between the Goblin Lord and the Goblin Slayer was very interesting and cool to see. Fight scenes was alright and we saw to cool moments but it’s what the fight brought to the table that was the most interesting to me. We saw first hand how the goblins evolve to adapt to their situations. Apparently, their brains start to surge up and grow while stressed out. We also learned why the goblins go after women like that. Apparently, a female warrior way back spared a small goblin and feeling shamed, they manifested into hating them and thus use them to breed. That was crazy. Pretty lame but at least we know. I thought the Priestess was going to make the same mistake in letting him go but I was happy that she stuck to her resolve to murder him.


I was very happy when the Goblin Slayer said that he wanted to become an adventurer himself. This means that all of my wishes about learning more about this world is about to come true and we will be able to see more monsters aside from goblins themselves. We didn’t get to see his face but at least we know that season 2 is basically confirmed so there’s nothing to worry for those of you who really care. Overall, I was very happy with this anime, sure it had it’s up’s and down’s in my opinion but it kept me coming back and told an interesting story so I’m content.


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