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It looks like Kishimoto is back and is bringing along a brand new manga series by the name of Samurai 8: Hachimaruden, a science-fiction about samurais. Not gonna lie, it looks dope!

Kishimoto new manga will be drawn by Akira Ōkubo and written by Kishimoto Sensei. Samurai 8 will be a science fiction manga because Kishimoto Sensei really likes science fiction! Please look forward to it in 2019.

According to Kishimoto, courtesy of Natalie:

“I like Japanse-style things: I’m thrilled about the culture and decor. I like sci-fi things too. I’m excited for this gimmick and it’s creation. Since I like both things, I’ve decided to mix them together to depict in this work. I’ll work as hard as possible  to make it even more interesting than the Naruto series – Kishimoto”

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That’s a bold claim there Kishimoto, but we’ll have to wait and see. Most Mangaka that have published successful manga series aren’t always able to replicate the same success again with their new stuff, however we’ll see if Samurai 8 will any different.

Judging from the teaser reveal of this new series, I can already tell that the fight scenes are going to be just as epic as the Naruto series at the very least. The art look very clean and the concept of android/cyborg samurai could work if executed correctly.

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