Things finally pick up in the Goblin Slayer as he faces off against an army of goblins with the main boss, The Goblin Lord finally making his appearance! Seeing everyone from the guild band together to stop this crisis is peak epic mode!

So The Goblin Slayer tries to make the farm girl leave her home to protect her from the impending doom that looms in the forest but as expected, she declines the suggestion as she knows the Goblin Slayer wasn’t planning on running away. So he decides to go to the guild to ask for their help. This scene was kinda cool to be honest, as we got to see how much that farm girl and the town means to him to the point that he’s willing to sacrifice everything. At first, only the Lancer Hero was willing to help but after the Guild girl did her magic and created a quest that gives a gold for every goblin slayed, the rest join in. Also, there’s a new warrior chick with an axe in the guild. I’m sure everyone’s noticed.


Anyways, seeing the goblins attack with “meat shield” made of naked girls was kinda messed up, but it turns out that the Goblin Slayer prepared for this to happen. In fact, the entire guild was well prepared and handled the invasion with ease. I thought we were about to witness some pure savagery or massacre from both side, like a proeper war with the way they hyped it up. However, thanks to the years of experience the Goblin Slayer has accumulated, he was able to craft a plan that turned the tides of battle to their favour. The end of the episode was pretty interesting as the Goblin Slayer confronts the Goblin Lord for a 1v1! Something tells me that things won’t be as easy as the episode made it out to be and we should see some retaliation from the goblins soon.

Overall, the episode wasn’t bad. It set an epic tone and kinda delivered. The music was top notch too!

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