So, I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the famous Raimi Suit, right? You know, that amazing suit that was once featured in The Spider-man Trilogy? That suit that’s worth sending death threats to developers and mass disliking recent Insomniac videos to have it in Spider-Man PS4 game and consequently making the majority of the spider-man community, and to an extent the gaming community look like toxic & entitled fan boys?  No? It’s OK if you’re not aware of it since you clearly have better priorities but I still gotta talk bout it as this whole ordeal blew my mind.

Recently, Insomniac Games treated owners of Marvel’s Spider-Man with the “kindly requested” “Raimi suit” from director Sam Raimi’s original Spider-Man trilogy. What’s sad about this whole deal is how it all came about. Some small minority of the spider-man fan-base decided to take matters into their own hands and basically bitched and cried about the suit, while sending death threats and mass disliking video to send a message to Insomniac that the wanted the suit that Tobey Maguire.


When I first started to hear about this Raimi suit, I thought it was nothing, just fans asking for devs to give them something in a game. Nothing new here and seemed fair enough! However, I didn’t expect for it to snowball into a fucking shitstorm like that. There’s this notion that the suit was added into the games thanks the SMALL MINORITY’S “criticism”, however, who’s to say they weren’t already planning on releasing the suit in the first place. Based on you guys reaction, it most be an iconic suit right? And adding something into any game isn’t easy! From ensuring the model look right from every angle to I don’t know, GETTING THE LICENSE TO USE THE SUIT, there’s a lot of process that needs to be met. It’s not as easy as y’all think it out to be.

I’m all for criticism and voicing your opinions and will always side with the consumers, but I gotta call out this nonsense. You all do realize you’re feeding into the narrative of gamers been toxic and entitled right? To be honest, the SMALL MINORITY that partook in this madness fit that description perfectly. All this for a bloody suit man! C’mon!

I can’t imagine how the devs of Insomniac are viewing the community right now! I’m really hoping they’re capable of understanding that it’s a small minority that’s behaving in this kind of manner. It does not represent the spider-man community as a whole and it certainly does not represent the gaming community as a whole. Let’s do better, we can’t be out here giving “them” more fuel for their war slander!

Let me know your thoughts on the matter?

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