When it comes to mobile games, it is undeniable that they’ve come a long way! 2018 saw the mobile games scene explode, and demonstrated that you can have great “console-like” experience in the palm of you hand. And it looks like the trend is continuing on strong with a new mobile game called Project Babel.


Usually, I don’t pay too much attention to the mobile gaming market but once in a while something like this catches my eye and I end up doing some research to learn more about the game. What caught my eye when it came to Project Babel was the artwork and the cinematic trailer they used to unveil the game, coupled with the gameplay that looks to be in-depth with features.

Now, I do have to mention that this game is described as a “free to play with item micro-transaction” mobile game which may not sit well with many people, including myself. That already sounds disgusting to me. Look, I’d rather just pay a reasonable price for the full game and just have everything at once or nothing at all. You know they’re going to build the game in a way that will incentify you to pay in order to progress past difficult obstacles. Aside from that, very little is known about the game. It’s currently set to release in Japan and there’s no word of a Western release. Maybe that might change but for now that’s all we know.

I mean, we got a plot for the story but I’ll be real, it’s vague as all hell but I’ll share it with you:

He lamented that “the town will die.”

But he wanted to leave this place.

The sky was higher and the wind more powerful than he imagined.

As if they were calling him.


The other reason why I became interested in this little mobile game is the people working on the game. Some of these names carry some weight behind them:

  • Scenario: Kazushige Nojima (Final Fantasy VIIDragons Dogma Online, etc.)
  • Sound: Hitoshi Sakimoto (Final Fantasy XIITactics Ogre, etc.)
  • Concept Art: Inei (concept art specialist)

As you can see, these guys have worked on some Final Fantasy games in the past, so at the very least the RPG elements in the game should be decent enough for enjoyment. Let me know what you guys think of Project Babel.

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