I played the Red Dead Redemption online for at least 20 hours and I can safely say that the game is hollow and…well, kinda boring at its current state.

I was really, really excited to play the game and experience the wild, wild west with the rest of the community but after spending some time with the online, I couldn’t see myself spending the same crazy amount of hours that I did in GTA Online. Listen, if you’re someone who loves the wild west of America and are looking to live out your dream as an outlaw or a bounty hunter, then you may have fun. However, if you’re someone that just wants to be able to do a lot of different crazy activities that are fun and worth the time invested, then this game may not be for you.


See, I was talking to a colleague from work the other day and the topic was about Red Dead Redemption Online. He asked me convince him why he should consider buying the game for the online (he’s not really into single player games). I stood there for a good minute and came to the conclusion that the online at its current state really didn’t have any strong selling points that could persuade anyone to play it if they’re not a Wild West fan. Added to the fact that I’m aware of the current bullshit Rockstar tried to pull with the overly ridiculous prices and the slow earning of money in game, I told him to don’t bother right now and wait for about a year to see what happens.

There’s nothing to really strive for in the game right. With the bonuses that I got for having the game on release day, I actually feel content. I got a good horse, good clothes that I like, and some okish guns that do the job well (of course I could always get better guns). I’m kinda disappointed with the online right now but I haven’t giving up on it just yet. We’ll see what Rocksteady does with the online in the future, but as of right now, I got better games to play!

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