Anthem is one of those games that I have been very interested in but at the same time can’t help but to also feel very skeptic about it. I mean it’s EA that publishing the game so you can imagine my concerns. However, I recently got into the alpha phase of the game and I will admit, the game plays and looks exactly as it was shown in the trailers and livestreams. Pretty damm good!


Of course, I can’t talk about the in’s and out of the alpha version of Anthem as I am under NDA, so I am going to be as vague as humanly possible. It’s fun! Anthem is actually really fun and has solidified my excitement for the game. Heck, it’s almost a day one purchase for me. It looked great, played great and I had a lot of fun flying around the open world. As long as EA don’t fuck it up and litter the game with micro-transactions that are unfair, anti-consumer or give the whales an advantage with Pay to Win stuff, we may have a really dope game on our hands.

Am I saying to go out and pre-order the game? No, absolutely not. As with any game in a certain development phase, things are always subject to change so I’d hold off from making that swift decision, at least until you’ve played the demo that coming in January. I just wanted to give you my brief impression of the game, make of it as you will!

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