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IT IS FINALLY HERE AND OH BOY IS IT AWESOME! Marvel Studios’ Avengers: ENDGAME – Official Trailer shows us what happened after Thanos snapped half of the universe away.

The trailer of Avengers: ENDGAME starts out with a monologue from Tony Stark as he’s stranded in emptiness of Space. I’m not gonna lie, that one hit me a bit. We see the entire team mourn the deaths of everyone.

We see a bunch of key individuals are missing, including Shuri, who I thought survived the snap and Hawkeye is finally back and seems to be dawning the mantle of Ronin.

What I’m really hyped about is what Captain America said near the end of the trailer. I got the vibe that he’s going to do something extremely bad and I’m all for it. The final part of this epic film will conclude in April 2019!

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