Yeah yeah, I know I’m late to the party but cmon, cut me some slack huh? I’m trying over here. Anyways, Medabots, a name I thought I’d never hear again is releasing an RPG mobile game some time next year and the more I read about this game, the more hyped I get and that’s weird considering it’s a damm mobile game.

According to Famitsu, with the help of Gematsu:

A Medabots smartphone RPG is in development at SoWhat, publisher Imagineer announced.


Set in a near future where humans and robots co-exist, and said robots themed after insects and animals battle each other, the game will feature systems that allow the player gather robot parts and items, train, and trade to customize their robot to their liking.

Man, I don’t know what you’re opinions are on the Medabots series but that shit was fire when I watched it on TV as a kid. I mean, who doesn’t want your own fighting bot. The idea of creating your own Medabot and battling with them online sounds interesting to me. Yeah sure, it’s on mobile but for some reason I feel like it might actually work. To be fair, I’m imagining a full blown 3D experience. For all I know, these people at SoWhat might turn around an unveil a 2D chibi nonsense of a game. Anyways, I’m interested, hoping this also comes to the west.

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