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Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel Trailer 2 Did A Much Better Job Highlighting What We Can Expect From The Movie!

The second trailer for Marvel’s Captain Marvel dropped a few hours ago and my lord did it do a much better job in highlighting what makes Captain Marvel great. Also, who knew Fury was a cat person!


The trailer gave us an even greater look at the plot for the movie and a better understanding of what we are going to get out of it. The action scenes looked hype as hell, I will not lie,  when she started destroying spaceships I was intrigued.

We know this movie is an origin story, but I like the new direction they’re going with this one so far. Instead of a Kree crash landing on Earth and subsequently transferring his power to Carol to save her life, she instead was abducted to the Kree’s homeworld and basically lived among them and thus inherited their powers, and now has to retrace her memories back to Earth.

Marvel’s Kevin Feige did said that Carol is “as powerful a character as we’ve ever put in a movie,” which makes you wonder, are they gonna use her to defeat Thanos? Lowkey, I’m not sure I’d like to see them go in that direction but then again, I’ll probably feel differently when I see both Captain Marvel and The Avengers 4. Let me know your thoughts on the movie.

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