I have been a fan of the Darksiders series for a long ass time. I dunno, something about angels vs demons always fascinated me. So when I heard that Darksiders 3 was coming back, I was thrilled. And now, playing it for myself, I can say that the wait was totally worth it.

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Now I haven’t played too much of the game yet, I’m only about a 10 hours into the game but I wanted to share my thoughts on the people who are claiming that the game is too hard or it’s a Dark Soul version of Action – platforming games. First off, I’m playing this game in Apocalyptic mode (weird flex I know), which is the highest difficulty setting the game has to offer. You don’t have to play the game at this mode, I only chose it because one, I like a good challenge and two, that’s how I played the first two games and so I’d like to continue this trend with the third installment. The game feels rewarding to play and using your dodge system successful is satisfying. Most importantly, there is no hand-holding stick with Darksiders 3. You are rewarded for exploration, which is some I like. The more exploration you do, the more the game rewards you effort and thus, you make the make that more easier for yourself.


There’s a great level of tactics involved in Darksiders 3 as you need to time your attacks and counter-attacks well. There’s no blocking in this game, so keen gameplay skill is needed!

Unless you’re playing Darksiders 3 on the easiest game mode, going in guns blazing will get you killed. The game rewards you for learning each enemies behavior patterns and paying attention to your surrounding. I can’t tell you how gratifying it is to find an enemy that has beaten you, learn his pattern behavior and use that new found knowledge to best it in battle. This is a game that offers a challenge we don’t get to see too often these days. The only Dark Soul element about this game is the fact that you have to collect your souls after you die as you need it to upgrade Fury. That’s it! I promise you, if you play this game at normal settings and are competent at gaming, this game will not be hard for you as some people are making it to be. I’m playing this at Apocalyptic and it’s fairly challenging, as one would expect, but nothing crazy!

Aside from that, the game looks fantastic! I played it on PC but I’m sure the difference isn’t that much when compared to the rest of the consoles counterpart. I will be releasing a review soon once I’ve beaten the game so stay tuned for that.

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