So after much investigation and conspiracy, we finally learned who was behind the goblins been underneath the city and truthfully, I wasn’t expecting the outcome but I can’t say I’m impressed either.

After the squad discovered a mirror known as the Gate, they learned that the mirror was used to create a link to the Goblins home-world, which I believe is the green planet we’ve  been seeing throughout the episodes. Of course, nothing is ever easy as more goblins show up to deal with the intruders. After the Goblin Slayer comes up with yet another one of his plans, the group begin to hold off the army of goblins approaching them. Their plan was to collapse the ceiling above them and use the mirror to send the falling debris to the other world. I gotta admit, that was some fast thinking right there.


Once the whole thing was done and dusted, the Goblin Slayer meets up to report the mission to the Sword Maiden. It was here that we learned that it was the Sword Maiden who orchestrated the whole thing in the first place. Apparently she wanted the world to know just how horrible the goblins really were in the world. I can kinda get it, the goblins are monsters who’ve done some sick things and that could lead someone down a path of wanting any type of salvation. The Goblin Slayer in fashion couldn’t offer her anything but his continued service of slaying goblins. That was it. The gang went home and Goblin Slayer is thinking of making Ice treats. If there’s one thing we got out of this, it’s the bond that the Goblin Slayer has made with his new squad. It’s growing and that in turn could cause him to lose his shit if any of them got hurt!

I feel like that’s going to create some intense moments for him and us the viewers down the line.

Let me know what you think?

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