I finally caught up with the IDW Sonic The Hedgehog 2018 comic. During my time with the comic, I was pleasantly surprised by how good the story have been, solidifying the fact that maybe IDW’s acquisition of the Sonic comics and rebooting it may have been a blessing in disguise. It also got me thinking that maybe this could also yield more fruits for the narratives of future Sonic games story. IDW’s comic carried on the story of Sonic Forces and has moved past that arc, essential now being ahead. What if the IDW’s Sonic  comics could act as manga to the games?

Sonic identity has always been an issue. With many fans having their own versions of Sonic as their favorite, SEGA has tried and failed to please everyone. That’s why I’m a strong supporter of just picking one type of Sonic and sticking with it, regardless of the outcome. Sometimes, people just don’t know what they want and that couldn’t be truer for the Sonic community.

With IDW Sonic the Hedgehog (2018) comic having such a strong connection to the video games, this could be a great opportunity to finally use some of the story elements from the comic and flesh them out in games, kinda like how manga gets turned in anime. The reason why I’m suggesting this is because, the IDW Sonic seems to really embody what Sonic is all about.


Since the people who are story-boarding the IDW comic are essentially the same people that have worked on the Archie comics, they’ve now had decades to see what works and what doesn’t’ work! They’re are now in a better position to avoid con-deluded stories and continuities. And it shows with the new IDW comics. Now, this is strictly just focusing on the story aspect of the sonic games, I’ve already expressed my thoughts on when it comes to the gameplay aspect of the Sonic game in The Future of Sonic The Hedgehog – Where Does The Sonic Games Go After Sonic Forces? and what needs to be done to accomplish it in How To Truly Save Sonic The Hedgehog!

What I’d like to add to this gameplay discussion though, is when it comes to some instances that took place in the comics, like the “Extreme Gear” used in one of the issues. They could just make that portion into a really, really small aspect of the gameplay, kinda like a mini game. The IDW Sonic the Hedgehog comics have being doing a great job when it comes to used assets from different sonic games. So I’d hate to see them cut out things that add to the story.

Of course, they wouldn’t be able to start doing that now as the comics currently as of this writing, has only 10 issues. I mean, then again, what I had in mind is to use the comics more as a guideline or a blueprint to converting it into a game. So in this case, use the premise of the narrative in the comic and add fillers to lengthen the story. In which case, I’d like the new team at Sonic Team to work closely with the people at IDW to ensure that they’re no inconsistency created. So yeah, that’s just my two cents on this.  Let me know what y’all think about this, would it work?

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