With Dragon Ball Super: Broly bringing back two well known characters and a third surprise mention of a character, there’s no longer any doubt in my mind that Toriyama is using Dragon Ball Super as a platform to turn non-canon characters in canon. Be prepared to see the likes of Cooler, Pikkon and maybe even a certain transformation become canon in years to come.

Just recently, there’s a tweet from  who posted about Vegeta’s little brother, Tarble being mentioned in Via Cinecom Walker:

“Tarble. Vegeta’s younger brother. Previously King Vegeta judged him to be a noncombatant-type Saiyan and sent him off to another planet in a capsule…?!”

This has just officially made Tarble the third character to be brought into the canon world. Now, I’m positive that Dragon Ball Super’s true end goal is make everyone’s favorite non-canon characters or concepts join the canon continuity. So who’s next? Well if I could choose, I’d say I’d like to see Cooler make the jump to the canon world. Mostly just to see the interaction between Cooler and Frieza. After that, I’d like to see Pikkon and Janemba introduced to the canon world. Pikkon from what I can remember was a pretty cool character and Janemba had some awesome abilities that could prove to be entertaining to see.

Another character that I’d like to see would be Turles. With there being a Universe Six that host a planet filled with Saiyans, who’s to say that there isn’t a Turles who’s a pure savage version of Goku. I know that this may not sit well with some people in the fan base, given that we’ve already had Goku Black and his arc, but it would give us an excuse to finally see planet Sadala and see what a race of pure hearted saiyan world would look like.


Heck, maybe…just maybe, we might see Super Saiyan 4 officially canon to the continuity. Slightly redesigned and imbedded with the god ki, the true final stage of the saiyan transformation. That would be kinda dope. Not sure how they’d do it but nevertheless, I doubt many people in the community would object to this idea, given that many can agree that the Super Saiyan 4 transformation was and still is the most iconic & creative transformation of this franchise. The possibilities are endless. I mean, Dragon Ball is making banks so why not milk that cow dry as hell while it’s still popping.

Who or what concept from a non-canon lore of the Dragon Ball world would you like to see become canon and why?

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