I’ll be honest with y’all, this episode of the GOBLIN SLAYER Episode 8 – Whispers and Prayers and Chants wasn’t as epic as I’d like it to be but nevertheless, at least now I know why the Sword Maiden is such a fan favorite.

capture-screen (18).png

The first part of the episode showed a young Goblin Slayer being trained by what I would assume to be some variation of a goblin. Kinda ironic if that ended up being true. I think that training the young Goblin Slayer went through may also be an indication that he might have some latent powers that we could see in the future. Would be cool in my opinion if that was the case. After that we got a good 5 five minutes of fan service with Sword Maiden and some slice of life with the Goblin Slayer finally opening up to the Priestess about his past and telling her why he always moving forward.

There’s not much to talk about in this episode to be honest. They went back to the underground sewers and randomly faced off against a monster with one eye that can shoot lasers which melts anything in sight. The Goblin Slayer used that as an opportunity to try out some experiment and succeeded in killing the monster. After that, they discovered a weird mirror. Hopefully, that mirror will lead to some actual epic adventure. Don’t get me wrong, this character building is necessary for us to care about this squad, but like the pacing about this anime is really getting bland in my opinion.

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