Now, this news wouldn’t be much on its own but I’d like to talk about it, as it once again demonstrates that Black Clover is in fact doing well, despite what the anime community would like you to believe.

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Ever since Black Clover came to the scene, people immediately shut the anime down after only one episode, calling it trash and not worth anyone’s time. Well, for those of us who decided to stick with the anime, we soon learned that Black Clover had more to offer that what the anime community would like to admit. I myself really enjoyed the anime and knew that Black Clover had potential. The folks who are in the future right now reading the manga can and have testified to this statement. And now we have the Jump’s 2018 ToC chart showing how well Black Clover is doing, even outperforming the juggernaut that is My Hero Academia.


For those of you who may or may not know what the ToC is, I got you. ToC stands for “Table of Contents” and is the index page that appears at the back of the Jump magazine. It shows the order in which the anime series will appear on the magazine. It also shows a high correlation and consistency between the expected popularity of a series, essential showing anime that’s popular based on a ranking system.

Like I said, I’m very happy to see that Black Clover is getting the recognition it deserves. Do you agree with the list? Let me know in the comment below.

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