Fallout 76, a game that I thought was going to be a decent game, not the game that most Bethesda fans wanted, but nevertheless a decent that people could enjoy, ended up being one the worst game releases in recent time. It really got me thinking about how this incident should be a warning sign and wake up call to not pre-order games until reviews have hit online.


Fallout 76 released in a unacceptable condition. It is broken, unpolished and completely unfinished and still had the audacity to demand you to pay $60. What makes matters even worse is that reviews for this game really came out late so some unknown reason, and by that time reviews actually started to roll out, it was already too late. People had already spent their hard earned money on basically trash. And if you’re one of the unlucky people to have purchases it either digitally or from GameStop, you’re screwed.

This is why it is very important to ONLY pre-order when you’ve heard and seen enough of the game, with previews and reviews from your trusted sources before making this decision. We need to use this momentum to send a message to all the gaming publishers that this blatant disrespect and deception will no longer be tolerated. Only in the gaming industry could you get away with selling a broken product to thousands of people. Any industry and this would result in massive lines of people going back to the stores and demanding a refund.

We need to stop given these certain  gaming businesses our money BEFORE we’ve seen the product in ti’s entirety. We are no here to serve them, rather they are here to serve us. Without us, they cannot exist and it’s high time this bullshit stops.


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