Word on the street is that Buu is going to have a pivotal role in the next arc of Dragon Ball Super called Galactic Patrol Prisoner, all because he has some Kai sleeping inside him…pause! This also means that we will finally get to learn more about the Galactic Patrol as aside from Jaco, we know next to nothing about them.

The next arc “Galactic Patrol Prisoner”, will take place right after the battle with Broly in the Dragon Ball Super Movie: Broly, which the manga has (thankfully) decided to skip. According the latest chapter, in order to capture a villainous prisoner that has escaped the Galactic patrols, they need the help of the grand Kai that’s residing inside of Buu at this moment. Now, this is news to me unless I somehow missed this trivia in previous anime episodes. Anyways, I also wanted to touch on this part that took place in that chapter as well.

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In that very same chapter, an Elite patrol guy that was charged with recovering the body of the sleeping Buu, had to face off against Goku and Vegeta who are trying stop him. The elite solider, knockout BOTH Goku and Vegeta and puts them to sleep. This raised one question for me.

If this guy can knockout out the man who has seemingly reached the power of a god, why haven’t they sent ten of those guys to stop the tyranny of Frieza and his army? Something doesn’t add up here. They’re probably been bought off by Frieza to look the other way.

If you’re also wondering why I’m not asking HOW the guy was able to do something like that, it’s quite simple, I gave up trying to apply any logic to Dragon Ball a long time ago. Now I just watch it for the cool fights. But if I were to TRY and apply some logic to this, I might say that MAYBE, Goku and Vegeta assumed that this Elite guy was on the same level as Jaco and lowered their defense low enough for a miserly laser gun to put them to sleep. Or it’s a sleep ray, I don’t know.

Anyways, the more important question here is, will this arc be a small arc or a big arc? My bet is that it’s going to be a smaller arc that my set things up for a bigger arc down the line. Either way, I’m curious about learning more about the Galactic Patrol and what type of Grand Kai is inside Buu…pause.

Let me know what y’all think of this?

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