So with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate nearly on the horizon, I began my game plan to decide who my four main characters are going to be in the game. During that process, I began to wonder about one of the characters that I’ve always used in the previous Smash games but know next to nothing about, and that character is Pit from Kid Icarus. After, thinking about it and looking him up, I decided that Kid Icarus needs a game on the Nintendo Switch!

The history of Pit is actually a very interesting one as he became famous and well-known in the Nintendo Family from appearing in Super Smash, and his first 3D adventure was designed by Sakurai himself for the 3DS. I decided to check out the game to learn more about the character I’ve been using as my second main for all these years and I found out that he has such an interesting back-lore to him.


The gameplay for the 3DS at the time looked incredibly fun, however for me, it’s the interaction between each of the characters in the world of Kid Icarus that really sold me on Kid Icarus: Uprising! From Palutena, the Goddess of Light to Dark Pit, each of them had a unique personality that I liked and that would translate really well in an anime form. In fact, the game even has short  quriky anime clips that you could watch which really helped build the world even further.

With all that being said, I believe that there’s a huge potential for the Kid Icarus franchise, so it boggle the mind on why we haven’t seen any new Kid Icarus games after its 2012 release. With the Nintendo Switch been such a massive success and having more player base than the 3DS at this current point, I feel like this is the right time to either continue the series or have a remake for the Nintendo Switch that can introduce a whole new fanbase to the Kid Icarus franchise. In fact, with how we got the Palutena’s Guidance Secret in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate again, this may be a small, not tangible, but nevertheless a small indication that Nintendo is trying to get more people aware of the Kid Icarus name to gauge whether people want a new Kid Icarus game.

With Pit’s whole gimmick being that he can fly and have aerial combat, I think that would make for an interesting gameplay mechanic. Now, whether Sakurai will return as director for the new game remains to be seen but I sure would like that as he was the one that gave Pit and all his cast their silliness so to speak! Anyways let me know what you guy think, would you like to see a new Kid Icarus game in 2019?

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